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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is ALTER a ‘stand alone’ tool or part of a larger home-injury prevention program?

ALTER is part of the Supervising for Home Safety program developed by Dr. Morrongiello. The program has been rigorously evaluated (RCT design) and found to produce positive improvements in parent safety practices that persist over at least a 1-year interval. The ALTER tool was a critical aspect of the program and can be used as a stand-alone strategy to promote parent safety practices.

2) If I want to deliver the Supervising for Home Safety program to a parent group, are there resources to help me do this?

Yes, there are training materials to help facilitators become familiar in program delivery. There are also handouts for parents. Please register for the website to access all of the ALTER materials. Contact Dr. Morrongiello for more information and questions ( and/or to discuss arranging for training workshops.

3) Is ALTER only applicable to young children?

No, parents have reported this strategy works well to keep even school-age children safe in the home.